Tools of the Trade


Fabric Shaver

When your knits start to pill, pull out this inexpensive tool which literally shaves the fabric clean. It's as easy as, well, shaving your legs, and makes your clothes look like new again.

Seam Ripper

Let's face it, we all change size throughout our life. If you have had a piece of clothing taken in and need to let it out again, you can do this easily yourself. Just make sure the tailor did not cut off the extra fabric when they took it in. Use a seam ripper to rip the tailor's seam, bringing your garment back to its original size.

Hand Steamer

This does not necessarily extend the life of your clothes, but it is a closet VIP. Great for quick quick fixes, especially on delicate fabrics like silk. Keep it in your closet so it is always handy.



This innovative garment washing bag is a band-aid solution to the ongoing microfiber ocean pollution problem. Your favorite yoga pants and performance wear are made with synthetic (read: plastic) microfibers that are much smaller than natural fibers. These fibers break down during washing and find their way into our oceans, are ingested by fish...and well, you know what they are what you eat. The Guppyfriend collects the broken-down microfibers before they reach the water supply and makes it convenient to dispose of them more safely. Available for purchase at Patagonia.


"I used to think tailoring was solely reserved for brides, Rockefellers, and Kardashians."

- Rachel Bloom



Tailors are so important, they deserve their own section. A good tailor can help you personalize the fit and style of your clothing. Maybe it's a certain pair of jeans that you've been procrastinating to get hemmed. Maybe it's a dress that doesn't quite fit anymore. Maybe it's the dreaded waistband gap in almost all pairs of pants. Maybe it's a brand-new off the rack blouse that is perfect in every way except for where the shoulder seam hits. Whatever the issue is, a tailor can take the clothes that have been languishing in the back of your closet and help them see the light of day again. Feel great knowing that your clothes fit your body perfectly, hugging those curves in all the right places.



Over-Dressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion

Read this book. Study this book. Underline passages like you did with old college textbooks. Then in a year, read it again. This seminal book of the slow fashion movement takes readers on a journey from New York to LA to China, from small cut and sew shops to mass production factories, from donation drop-off centers to textile recycling manufacturers. You'll never brag about that Zara top or Target dress again knowing what you know.


The True Cost

If you'd rather watch than read, then check out this documentary on Netflix during your next night in. This doc breaks the issues down so simply, asking the questions, What is the true cost of the shirt on your back? What is the human cost to laborers to farmers to consumers? What is the cost to the environment?