Sustainable Shopping: A Round-Up of Our Favorite Apps & Sites

We understand that it's not always easy to find socially responsible brands. Many of these brands are emerging and are still working to get the word out. It doesn't help that you're strapped for time, and in between work, kids' school drop-offs, making time for friends & family, you hardly have time to shop, let alone shop for brands you've never heard of before. So we are sharing a few of our favorite resources to make it a little easier.

Good On You - Mobile app for all things sustainable fashion. You can search brands or browse by category. They turn up results ranked by earth-friendliness as well as $$$. Shoppers can also filter by style, gender, rating, price, proximity to a retail store, and online shopping. You can even mark your favorites for easy future reference. They are an excellent resource for sustainable fashion fanatics! Their articles like "How Ethical is Everlane?" dig deep to go beyond a brand's greenwashing to see how effective they are at being eco-friendly. 

Done Good - Mobile app with an easy to use interface that makes it easy to browse clothing for men, women, kids, even pets! Or you can browse by value (i.e. eco-friendly, organic, toxin free, cruelty free and more). They also offer great promo codes exclusive to DoneGood users in the app!

Healthy Living - This powerhouse from the Environmental Working Group is actually geared towards beauty/personal care and now food products rather than fashion. But it's still a must-have on your phone so you can quickly see healthy your favorite make-up brands are. We use it constantly when in the store browsing for new products. Be sure to check out their sunblock / sunscreen guide before you reach for the Coppertone this summer.

Ethica - An online collective housing independent ethical and eco-friendly brands. You can shop a number of smaller brands that you haven't heard of before in one easy spot. Great for newbies to the sustainable shopping movement.


Ethi - Similar to Ethica, this is a collective that helps you shop brands with similar values in one easy place.

Do you have any favorites that we haven't listed? Please share in the comments!!