Green Year's Resolutions

Although we are 22 days into 2018, it's never too late to tackle a new resolution. One of the resolutions I make each year is to "green" my life. I create a list of actions, both big and small, that I can take to reduce my footprint. Here are a few ideas from my lists over the years. Give it a try! 

  1. Stop buying fast fashion. No more! Never again even think of walking into an H&M, Forever 21 or Zara. Same goes for Target's clothing section -- I don't care who their current designer collaboration is. 
  2. Skip the conventional brand clothing and instead shop ethical brands. No more Gap, Old Navy, J. Crew, Macy's, etc. Try out some of the brands we love -- Amour Vert, Cuyana, Everlane, etc. You can also find zillions more by searching online. Same goes for kids clothes for all you mamas out there. You don't want those toxins leached from garment processing on your little ones' skin anyways.
  3. Read the labels. Just as you do when food shopping, read your clothing labels. Buy items made from natural fibers (organic cotton, silk, cashmere, etc.) as much as possible. Break up with polyester, rayon, acrylic. It doesn't breathe. It looks and feels cheap. And they are made from petrochemicals. They're rough on the environment from production to final resting place in landfills as they don't break down.
  4. Use a Guppyfriend garment washing bag to prevent microfiber leaching into the water supply. Use this with all your polyester garments. I'm looking at you yoga pants and fleece sweatshirts. You can also conveniently buy it at Patagonia, at cost.
  5. Bring your own reusable bags everywhere you go. Grocery store. Mall. Walgreen's. I love these Apolis market bags. Gets compliments everywhere I go. Plus you can personalize them!
  6. Kick your Keurig habit. Those single-use plastic K-cups are terrible for the environment. They do not biodegrade and just accumulate in landfills. Plus coffee tastes so much better when you brew it slower. You don't have to be fancy and do a French Press -- though that is the greenest option and coffee lovers would argue the best tasting. A simple Mr. Coffee 12-cup does very nicely, and you can buy basket filters made from recycled fibers.
  7. BYOB. Bring your own bottle. Water, that is. Same for coffee cups, even if you're stopping at Starbucks instead of brewing at home.
  8. Get an electric vehicle. There are new ones coming out all the time, from compacts to SUVs, both mass market and luxury. Be sure to check for tax credits and rebates in your area when purchasing.
  9. Go solar. Solar is getting more affordable than when it first hit the market and also less obtrusive. You can even take the panels with you if you move. 
  10. Sign on with a provider like Arcadia Power to source your home's energy from wind-power instead of fossil fuels. Almost no leg work required on your part. Just check to see if its offered in your area, through your electricity provider, then sign up. No backyard windmill required.
Apolis market bag

Apolis market bag