Ethical Fashion, Sustainability, and the Women's Convention

This last weekend our founder, Melissa Leslie, spoke at the Women's Convention on a panel about ethical fashion. She drew attention to the wide array of issues resulting from the misuse of resources, ranging from water pollution, air pollution, and workers' rights abuses, as well as the massive increase in apparel consumption over the last twenty years. 

Watch an excerpt from the discussion in the below video.

Fortunately, designers and manufacturers are working to clean up the industry's dirty ways. Sarah Ayers of William + Bonnie talked about her natural textile dyeing business, Homegrown Textiles. They partner with Detroit restaurants and breweries to use post-saleable food sources to make toxin-free dyes. Anjali Purohit spoke about her label, Variously, and how they work with artisans in India and Nepal to make beautiful home goods and accessories with natural dyes and yarns, also providing their workers a living wage. Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs spoke about her two zero-waste labels, Tabii Just and Livari, which use raw materials ranging from fabric overruns to fish scales.

As designers and manufacturers increasingly bring innovation and responsibility to the supply chain, the question then becomes, what are we, as consumers, going to do to help?