DIY Try: Seam Rippers

I am no stranger to tailoring. You might say I was even over-zealous about tailoring pieces when I had lost an inch or two off my post-baby waistline. The problem was I was still nursing, and I didn't account for the gift of burning an extra 500 calories or so each day. Rule #1 - never alter anything while you're nursing! But you probably already know that. 


So when our stylist, Paulina, was looking through my closet and came across this dress, I explained how I haven't worn it in years. She turned the dress inside out, quickly examined the stitching, and said that luckily the tailor left the extra material. Rather than taking the dress back to the tailor to have it let out, she suggested I just do it myself with a seam ripper. Ah, yes, a seam ripper. Wait, what's a seam ripper? 


This handy dandy $3 tool removes unwanted stitches. It is often used to remove mistakes when sewing. It also was able to cut through the and remove the tailor's stitching, opening the dress back to its original size. It is incredibly easy to use. Just insert the hook into the stitch, and the sharp blade cuts it open. The rounded ball on the other end of the hook protects the fabric. Cut along all the stitches, then remove the thread from the reverse side. Done.

See the original stitch on the right and the tailor's stitch on the left.

See the original stitch on the right and the tailor's stitch on the left.

It took about 30 minutes to remove the four seams (outer layer and lining) and caused some minor hand cramping -- I have a newfound appreciation for the toll sewing must take on the human body. But when I was done the dress fit perfectly. Solid A.