Announcing Asteya: Styling on a Mission

As a lifelong lover of fashion, I have always loved clothes. It is amazing how a mixture of fabric and cut can transform a person. Just looking at cashmere evokes that Sunday morning feel of comfort and coziness. Silks can make you feel so sophisticated, softly draping in all the right places. And leather, oh how I love the way leather injects so much power into an outfit. The right outfit makes me feel like I can take on the world. The wrong outfit makes me want to run away and hide. But I am a no fashionista. I have had a lot of wrong outfits over the years. 

The idea for Asteya was born out of those fashion mistakes. During the last few years I realized that I was spending too much money on clothes, and that the trendy pieces I bought impulsively did not pair well with other things in my closet. So I went in search of ways to catalogue my closet, making it easier to find new ways to pair together old items. I tried all the style apps, but they were too time consuming, weren’t user-friendly, and did not show what the clothes looked like on me. This became a very key component of my business -- digital x personal. You can put together all the flatlays you want, but if you don’t see the clothes on your body, you’ve got nothing. I tried the online stylists and subscription boxes, but the problem wasn't that I needed more. I just needed to look at my wardrobe with a fresh set of eyes. But where to start?

Personal stylists have been doing just this for years, but it can be challenging to find professional stylists. It's viewed as a luxury. It's not a well established industry. Department store personal shoppers have muddied the waters, calling themselves stylists when they are essentially just salespeople. The new crop of digital-only stylists are the same type of personal shoppers, just at an online platform instead of a traditional department store. 

Asteya is here to eliminate those issues and make the process of finding and working with a stylist as simple, affordable, and productive as possible. 

Why? Because you've been on this endless shopping treadmill for far too long. Because you're sick of the relentless barrage of trends the industry has been throwing at you. Because by investing a little time and money upfront you can take control of your own personal style, making the outer you reflect the inner you. Because you can save time and money in the long run. Because everyone deserves to look and feel their very best. Because we aren't looking and feeling our best - but we could be.