2017 Holiday Gift Guide

By now you have probably seen quite a few holiday gift guides floating around. We are big believers that sometimes the best gifts are experiences. Aren't we really just craving more time with family & friends, more memories, more special experiences? And good news for you procrastinators out there, you can print off a gift card or gift receipt at home in seconds.


So here they are, our top picks for some unique gift ideas.

  1. Asteya Wardrobe Consultation - After all, this is our own gift guide, and we think our service is amazing! Truly though, if you have a friend, sister, mother, or wife (ahem, men are you listening?) in your life who is always complaining that they have nothing to wear, this is a game-changer. 
  2. Sewing Classes - Whether you just want to learn how to hem your paints, make small repairs, or are interested in making your own dress, it's a great skill to have.
  3. Photography Lessons - Up your Insta-game with professional looking photos. Learn about lighting, framing, and what ISO actually means so you can feel confident switching to manual function
  4. Massage - There's just no such thing as too many massages. Some of our faves include Immerse Spa and Beach House Day Spa.
  5. Detroit Breweries Tour - Just make sure Batch is one of your stops.
  6. Yoga Retreat
  7. Yoga Class Pass - Are you sensing that we love yoga?
  8. Sushi making class
  9. Date Night - Perfect for those busy moms in your crew. Offer up your free babysitting services, then book a table for two at her favorite restaurant, send over a bottle of bubbles, cover their dinner, and watch her stress melt away. 
  10. Pottery class at the legendary Pewabic Pottery