Restyling the future of fashion

Asteya is a Sanskrit term that loosely translates to 'non-stealing.' As a major tenant of yoga, its true meaning is highly nuanced. Asteya is about not coveting possessions, not hoarding what you don’t need, or not mindlessly consuming natural resources. 

Fashion has long been at odds with the principles of asteya. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. Americans alone throw out 82 pounds of textiles, per person, every year. While many designers and brands are working to reduce their environmental impact, that alone is not enough. We believe the consumer mindset has to shift as well.

We empower men and women to do more with the 80% of their closet that they rarely wear, reducing the waste associated with over-consumption.

You already have clothing you loved at one point. Now you just need a little help reimagining it. You just need to restyle it.

Our Values

We value long-lasting, trend-adverse style. Fast fashion is not only bad for the environment, it is bad for you. Personal style should be personal. When you feel comfortable in your clothes, that confidence bleeds into other areas of your life.

We value human relationships. Online styling sessions do not allow stylists to see the full picture. How can they feel the fabrics, see how you move in the clothes, offer adjustments and tailoring suggestions if they are looking at you through a screen?

We believe you can tell a lot about someone by what is in their closet.

We believe that personal style cannot be shipped to you in a box.

We believe that good style is for everyone.

We want a healthy, sustainable planet.

Less consuming. More living.