Asteya is a personal styling service
for those who seek to do more with less.

Your outer style should reflect the inner you. But so often we are slaves to fashion, endlessly shopping the next trend. As a result, 80% of our clothing goes unworn, and what we do wear does not feel like us. Stop the endless cycle of trend-driven shopping,
and take control of your style. 

Introducing affordable, in-person styling for real people. Connect to stylists in your city who help you refine your look. 
Because style is so much more than fashion. 

Reduce. Reuse. Restyle.



Book a personal stylist who will come to your home and shop your closet, creating new outfits out of existing pieces. Stylists will educate you on what works for your specific body and lifestyle. Perfect if you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Initial 3-hour consultations and shorter 2-hour follow-ups available.


Once you and your stylist identify the gaps in your closet, shop conscientiously for sustainable brands. Not a one-size-fits-all approach, we source brands that are environmentally friendly in different ways, from those manufacturing in eco-friendly ways to local designers to classic styles built to last. 

My relationship with my closet had gone stale, wearing the same few outfit combinations on repeat. My session with Asteya changed that. My stylist provided a totally fresh perspective on new ways to wear what I already own. I didn’t have to buy a thing yet somehow it feels like I’ve doubled my wardrobe!
— Vanessa

Styling services currently only available in Detroit. Be the first to hear when we come to your city.


Restyling the future of fashion

Asteya is a Sanskrit term that loosely translates to 'non-stealing.' As a major tenant of yoga, its true meaning is highly nuanced. Asteya is about not coveting possessions, not hoarding what you don’t need, or not mindlessly consuming natural resources. 

Fashion has long been at odds with the principles of asteya. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. Americans alone throw out 82 pounds of textiles, per person, every year. While many designers and brands are working to reduce their environmental impact, that alone is not enough. We believe the consumer mindset has to shift as well.

We empower men and women to do more with the 80% of their closet that they rarely wear, reducing the waste associated with over-consumption.

You already have clothing you loved at one point. Now you just need a little help reimagining it. You just need to restyle it.

Our Values

We value long-lasting, trend-adverse style. Fast fashion is not only bad for the environment, it is bad for you. Personal style should be personal. When you feel comfortable in your clothes, that confidence bleeds into other areas of your life.

We value human relationships. Online styling sessions do not allow stylists to see the full picture. How can they feel the fabrics, see how you move in the clothes, offer adjustments and tailoring suggestions if they are looking at you through a screen?

We believe you can tell a lot about someone by what is in their closet.

We believe that personal style cannot be shipped to you in a box.

We believe that good style is for everyone.

We want a healthy, sustainable planet.

Less consuming. More living.

Meet Our Stylists



Raffaella developed her style, taste, and sophistication at an early age. Born and raised in Italy, she was constantly surround by many different types of beauty, from art and architecture to food, music, and fashion. Working as a professional pianist, she found that fellow musicians were interested in her personal style of dress and were constantly asking for her advice. It didn’t take long for her to decide to attend the American College of Professional Styling. Raffaella enjoys helping her clients feel and look their very best.  She always takes in to consideration the person’s body type, age, lifestyle, and budget and delivers feedback with honesty and sensitivity. In addition to styling, Raffaella also teaches Italian at Wayne State University as well as a course about History of Costume from the Renaissance to present day.


paulinA petkoski

Paulina Petkoski is a Detroit-based stylist, womenswear fashion designer and consultant. She has her BFA in International Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and Polimoda International Institute of Design in Florence, Italy. Upon the debut of her thesis collection under direction of Mr. Calvin Klein, she was scouted by the Creative Director of Diane von Furstenberg’s design team, and worked for fashion brands including Isaac Mizrahi and Pamela Roland. In 2009, she launched a sustainable luxury basics collection, Sosume, worn by eco-conscious celebrities Miranda Kerr and Natalie Imbruglia. Before relocating back to her hometown of Detroit, she worked for Rachel Roy as an Associate Designer. In 2016, her own designs were included in the exhibition, "Fashion D-Fined" at the Detroit Historical Museum. Her freelance editorial styling and consulting clients include Hour Media, Birmingham Magazine, Dbusiness, and Detroit Denim. She is also the founding Style Editor of Grand Circus Magazine, a biannual Detroit culture urbanism print magazine. 

Brands We Love

We know that sometimes a girl just has to shop. These brands are creating clothes sustainably, whether through clean manufacturing processes, recycled materials, organic fabrics, or classic styles built to last. The next time you shop start here.  We are constantly updating our listings. And if you find a good brand, don't keep it to yourself. Sharing is caring!

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